Chimiko are type of NPC that appear in many areas of the Spirit World. They are also the Answered Prayers equivalent of the Toriningen from Yume Nikki.


Chimiko has mid-length black hair and, if friendly, appears to have a neutral/content expression on her face, with light-pink cheeks. She also wears a traditional Miko outfit.

An enraged Chimiko will have a blood covered face and stomach, most likely because of the hit with the shovel.


Chimikos will typically wander around the Spirit World in a passive state. They will not react to any effects but the Shovel. Some of them are in helpful positions such as shop owner in Spirit Town or guide in the Elevator Room.

Once you hit a Chimiko with your Shovel, she will become enraged and start chasing you. You will be teleported to an enclosed area if you're caught, in which you can only escape by either using the Phantom prayer or waking up.


  • Snowy Streets (Sub Area) - will trap you in Black Caves
  • Miko Shrine - will trap you in Spirit Town, Green World, Playground
  • Green World - will trap you in Playground
  • Symbols Maze - Two already enraged Chimiko can be found here. They trap you in the Complex. They are very easy to avoid.
  • Spirit Town - This Chimiko has her own shop. In early versions, she fixes your Broken Sandals item to make them your Tall Geta prayer for 400 Nat. Now, she simply answers Fluorette in a series of dots if interacted with. The Shovel prayer cannot be used on her. She differs from the others by wearing glasses on her head.
  • Spirit Town - Another Chimiko in an alleyway that is easily overlooked. She faces and walks towards the wall at the end of the way. When enraged, she will trap you in the Snowy Streets.
  • Elevator - A friendly Chimiko. Sighs when she has to make the elevator work for Fluorette. You cannot enrage her.