One of the worlds that can be reached from the main doors ( the grey one on the upper left hand corner of the main hub).

It is basically a gigantic maze with NPC cogs going around ( they can be killed with the shovel if they get in your way).


  • Gray door in the big gray area will take you to the Industrial Maze.
  • Pink door leads to a world with round objects moving in a continous pattern as they fall downwards, accompanied with the background music sounding like the ticking of a clock. In version 0.02.5 to get to that door, you have to go around the clock work maze and activate some switches ( their lights will go from red to blue when switched on) which will open a mechanical door that was blocking access to the pink door. But in 0.03 it is easy to get here. Interacting with the red ball will lead you to the Broken Clock Park.