The Debug Room is entered from the well in the spirit world Shrine in version 0.02.5.

All the Prayers (including the Broken Sandals item and Tall Geta, individually) can be found here. Speaking to Fluorette's "clone" will also give you the option to decrease or increase your speed, gain money (viewed on the in-game menu, the currency is stated as 'Nat.'), or 'Spin!' which will, upon talking to her again, show the text "DEBUG ROOM WOOOOOOOOOOO".

The room also has two grass entrances -- the upper one will take you directly to Monochrome City, and the lower will take you to Game Boy World. The spider from Forest World will take you to the Sunflower Field.

The Debug Room is presumably for, as the name would imply, finding 'bugs' in the game the easy way by recieving all the effects the game has to offer and playing the 0.02.5 release as a beta player.

In version 0.03 this connection was removed, but the room is not removed from the game itself, thus it is still possible to access it if one knows how to add the connection with RPG Maker 2003.