Green World (previously called Macabre World) is one of the main areas accessible from the Nexus.

Since version 0.03 NPCs and graphics were changed to green. The Tall Geta prayer can be found here.


The parallax background resembles a grey spiral moving over a black floor, and the bright green eye-catching colours of the outlines of some NPCs and floor tiles contrast with it, making them stand out.

Right from the entrance, the use of the Four Ways Sign is eminent, as small versions of the sign form a bigger version of the sign. The four ways begin at the green door that leads to the Nexus, and each ends at a Blobman, green, glitching NPCs.

Glitch creature

If interacted with, the Blobmen respond with a buzzing sound and are replaced with a quick sequence of signs that seem related to the ones in Symbols Maze, which indicates they attempt communication with Fluorette.

Ghostly wafts of mist float around together with silently glitching grey NPCs, and patches of swaying white lilies are found here as well. Only the Blobmen can be killed with the Shovel Prayer, all of the others cannot be interacted with and thus harmed.

"Helpful" Green WorldEdit

Significant about Green World is how it is constructed to aid the player - two arrows guide the player to the exit to the Nexus, for example, and located at the end of another arrow south-east to the entrance is a teleport node to Glitch World.

The Tall Geta Prayer is placed in this world since version 0.03. Seemingly, there are two short-cuts that make it easy to find it in this large area - one option is to follow the green tiles west from the Nexus door, they lead you directly to the sandals. Another option is to go left from the entryway until one bumps into a Blobman, surrounding themself with green tiles, a similar construct to flowers surrounding the sandals. Go down from there to find the sandals.

Green HallwayEdit

The Green Hallway is accessed by the Green Gate north-east to the Nexus door. A friendly Chimiko wanders around it. If you enrage her, she will send you to the Playground.

The hallway is made out of bright green tiles, the background music of Green World is still playing and green drops fall down left and right to the path. It ultimately leads to the Outlands.


  • Nexus > Green World
    • Green Hallway - Enter the gate north-east to Nexus door
      • Outlands - Go to the end of the hallway
    • Glitch World - Touch the teleport node at the end of the long arrow south-east to the entrance


  • As of version 0.03, Macabre World has been renamed Green World in the game's files. NPCs and graffics were changed to green.
    • The same is true for the Green Hallway.
  • The white lilies resemble the lilies in Sky Garden from Yume Nikki.

Version HistoryEdit

Macabre World was a very different world compared to what Green World of today. Some of the changes include:

The soundtrack was different - instead of the gloomy tune featured in the infobox, it played a menacing and somewhat nonsensical joining of telephone beeps and radio noises.
The Blobmen stayed in a glitched form after being interacted with.
Large pools of red liquid cover the area.
Blib from the Arrow Lane is here, is coloured red and follows you around again if interacted. If not interacted with, it keeps flying around in circles. It plays a different sound effect and neither reacts to you equipping the Shovel nor activating the Phantom Prayer - which in this version makes you invisible.
Three motionless Blips with muted colours are found near it. These Blips are surrounded by ice for some reason.
Some gloopy black/red statues are present.
Grey jellyfish are found in the red liquid pools - a glitched blue one with eyes takes you to Glitch World.
Chimiko is not in this version.
The hallway leading to the Outlands has a very different appearance and actually looks more like a hallway now.

All in all, macabre!