Child... What are you runnning away from?

During a heavy thunderstorm, Fluorette is standing on a road in the middle of the woods. It is not possible to take the path downwards, which leaves the player no choice but to go into the direction of a shrine, built on a grassy hill.

Such is the opening sequence of Answered Prayers, in which a small text flashes up that accuses Fluorette of running away - from what is uncertain.

The Knoll is one of the two areas set in the real world, the other one being the Shrine - this location is unique for a Yume Nikki fangame, as the protagonists are usually in their enclosed space from the first moment on (Madotsuki's bedroom in Yume Nikki). It is unusual that player gets to know how the protagonist arrived at said location.

This area consists of a light softwood forest, and the path develops into a narrow bridge going over water, which makes it possible the shrine itself is built on an island.


  • Knoll
    • Shrine - Enter the Shinto shrine at the end of the path.
      • Nexus - Pray at the altar.