Player Character


The mysterious protagonist of Answered Prayers.

Non-player characters


The chaser characters of the game. Normally calm, in helpful positions such as shop owner or guide in the Elevator Room. Occasionally enraged, chasing Fluorette and trapping her in inescapable areas. Can be made enraged if hit with the Shovel.


A prayer teaching character found in Game Boy World. She teaches the Koraiyn prayer.

Aby the Phantom

Phantom Teacher
A phantom child sitting near a cliff in the Playground that can be summoned by pushing the swing. The Phantom prayer can be learned by interacting with her. She is also sitting in the Phantom Bar in the Spirit Town.


Found in the Arrow Lane. Cute, green, floating lego, that follows Fluorette around if interacted with. Stays in one place if Fluorette equips the Shovel.

Chromakey Dreamcat

Glitching Cat
A bored looking kitty. Teaches the Chromakey Dreamcoat prayer. They flash up and show a TV static, but ignore any interaction after you learned the prayer. Seen in the second section of the Glitch World.


Monoka Gif Klaufir
A mysterious figure only seen from behind in the Monochrome City. Teaches the Monochrome prayer. If you hurt her, the spirit world will become a nightmare.

Snowy Streets Angel

Halo pixel
Found in an abandoned bus. Appears to be frozen to death, due to the cold climate of the Snowy Streets. Their halo teaches Fluorette the Halo prayer. One of the Snow Girls guides you to them. Became a phantom and hangs out with Aby in Spirit Town.

Snow Girls

Snow Girl
A type of NPC resident in the Snowy Streets. There are hundreds of them in certain areas, at one point marching together like an army. When interacted with, they appear startled.

Frozen Lake Leaders

Ice Boss
Two ice girls at the Frozen Lake, seemingly in authority positions. The first one deliberately turns away from you and so do the Snow Girls with her. The second one stands on a platform and oversees her Snow Girl army marching. They both teleport you.

Karakasa Teacher

Karakasa friend
The umbrella ghost of the Miko Shrine. Teaches the Karakasa prayer and slithers their long tongue around. Does little else.

Light Blue Jellyfish

Jellyfish Teacher
The only light blue jellyfish on the Ocean Floor. Is summoned by interacting with the Ghostly Jellyfish in the Underwater Ship. Teaches the Tentacles prayer. Has eyes, while the other jellyfish lack them.