In the Monochrome City it's possible to find an NPC, a girl dressed in white, that will give you the Monochrome Prayer. Killing her will activate the event.

How To Get This EventEdit

Hitting her with your Shovel will result in black chasers appearing and eventually catching you, since the exit will be blocked. Fluorette will then be teleported to a darker, monochrome version of the real world, where trying to reach the Spirit World, saving or waking up won't work, but it will be possible to leave the shrine.

The outside will look like a monochrome version of the world seen at the beginning of the game, but heading south will lead to darker and surreal areas until you will find another Fluorette with the Shovel Prayer equipped. Interacting with her will make her attack you, resulting in the protagonist waking in the actual real world.

Video Edit


Spirtmurdervideo.03 - Monochrome City Spirit Murder