The Nexus is the place where Fluorette is taken to after entering the Spirit Realm and leaving through the main door of the Shrine. It is the main hub leading to all other spirit worlds.


It consists of a grassy field in front of the shrine, which is surrounded by fir trees. The gate and the stairs from the Knoll have disappeared. The weather seems to be fine and one can hear the sounds of cicadas. The symbol also seen on the altar marks four paths from the grass from the middle of the field, which lead to four doors.

From here, Fluorette may choose from those doors, which serve as gateways to four different Spirit Worlds. All Prayers are found from taking the respective paths nessecary starting from the Nexus.

A ghostly figure will appear here after the player has collected 12 prayers. She is called "Her" in the game files. She orders you to "leave". After you wake Fluorette from her prayer and then enter the spirit world again, "Her" will be gone.

Connecting AreasEdit


  • Originally the bottom-left door would've taken you to the Macabre World. In version 0.03 this area was removed from the game and replaced by Green World.