The Playground is one of the four locations accessible from the Nexus, and is the smallest of the four.


It has the appearance of a playground, curiously located on a hill or a floating island, anything that makes the ravines possible. The foreground is represented by black silhouettes of recreational equipment such as a slide and a (partially damaged) swingset. The ground, also a black silhouette, is heavily jagged, thus the playground appears to be vegetated or at least forbidding.

In the middle of the playground, structures with a checked pattern connect to a floating island right above it. This area is only accessible if you've entered a certain area of the Symbols Maze and explored to the connection it has to this "upper" part of the playground. Right within the structures, a door to the Black Caves is found. Strange, curly, floating "islands" are located next to the checked pattern structures.

At the left of this area, a small silhouette house connects to an elevator to the Underwater Ship.

In the background, a striking sunset / sunrise illuminates the area, with strong colours going from yellow to red to purple to a deep blue. The vague form of a large city far away can be made out as well.

Phantom ChildEdit

Upon entering you'll see a Phantom which you cannot interact with at first due to the gap between ledges existing there. She's found to the left of the map, but will be invisible as soon as you've walked up to her area.

Interact with the broken swingset, and you will hear her resounding laughter. This makes her reappear, and she will teach you the Phantom Prayer once you've spoken to her.

Upper IslandEdit

Accessed from the Symbols Maze, this hidden area has nothing to do besides interacting with a broken down Game Boy and going back.


  • This location is the one seen in the screenshot on the download page of Answered Prayers.
  • It is a very popular location to show off and associate the game with.
  • The area and the phantom character/prayer bear resemblance to the video game Limbo from 2010. The first release of Answered Prayers was in 2010 as well.