The Shrine is where one is able to save and enter the Spirit World for exploration.

Shrine in the real worldEdit

It is a small Shinto shrine built on a Knoll, with stairs leading up to it and a torii in front of its entrance. The inside is simple - a well, where one is able to save the game, and an altar, at which Fluorette can pray.

If she prays, her spirit floats out of her body, to demonstrate that she never leaves the shrine in a physical sense. She is taken to the spirit world version of the shrine, that leads to the Nexus when exited. If the "9" key is pressed, Fluorette breaks out of her self-induced trance and is taken back to the shrine. Fluorette does not want to leave the real world version of the shrine, if the door is interacted with, she shakes her head and says Nuh-uh!

A shinto shrine's purpose is to house gods, but it is unknown what is worshipped at this particular shrine. The gate and the altar feature the symbol found throughout the game, and so does the Nexus. If all the Prayers are gathered, a shadowy figure called "Her" in the game files appears, and orders you to "Leave". The symbol obscures her face, thus it is possible "Her" is the god housed at the shrine.

Shrine in the spirit worldEdit

Spirit Shrine

As of version 0.03, the well inside of the spirit world shrine is gone. In past versions, one could access Game Boy World or the Debug Room by interacting with it. The lighting is less dim, and instead of the storm raging outside, one can hear the sounds of cicadas. It is now possible to exit the door to the Nexus. Nothing happens if you pray at the altar in the spirit world.


  • Knoll (one way)
    • Shrine - Enter the Shinto shrine at the end of the path.
      • Nexus - Pray at the altar and exit through the door.