A vast landscape of snow and ice, accessed from the blue door in the Nexus. It consists of the snowbound streets themself, then a great frozen lake that connects to the streets with a burning outdoors stove, and three areas reached by interacting with the teleporting Snow and Ice Girls.

Snowy Streets Area

Highway streets are almost completely snowed in, while leftover bonfires that contain blue flames are scattered among the area. Snow Girls wander around, if you interact with them, they appear startled and take a few steps back, before continuing to walk around.

To teleport to the frozen lake, interact with the burning outdoors stove on the right side to the Nexus door.

Snowy Streets Bus

Crashed Bus

If you interact with all four of the campfires, they will reform around a Snow Girl, surrounded by nine bonfires with blue flames. She brings you to the site of a crashed bus with footsteps leading into it. Inside, a dead person lies curled up on the floor, with a halo floating above them. The halo will teach you the halo prayer.

Frozen Lake Area


On this large frozen lake, a single Chimiko is found wandering around. If the Chimiko of the Miko Shrine were attacked, she will exact revenge if her area is entered, as you are unable to outrun her.

It is in this alternate area that a portal to the Forest World can be found, by interacting with a pair of trees left and down from the outdoors stove.

A few Snow Girls are found here as well. More interesting are the two Ice Girls, that appear to be in authority positions. One of them is moving freely, but deliberately turns away from you. If you interact with her, she will take you to the Deep Snow Path. The second one, standing completely still, teleports you as well, to the Snow Girl Army.

Deep Snow Path

The Ice Girl stands in the upper portion of the path. On the left and right of the path wait her Snow Girls. The Snow Girls deliberately turn their backs towards you as well, and, unlike the other Snow Girls, completely ignore your interaction. But if the Shovel is equipped, they will slowly back away from you. The Ice Girl does not move and does not seem to fear you.

If you move all the way down, you will be on the Road in the Sky, a part of Spirit Town.

Snow Girl Army

An area where an army of Snow Girls is marching in unison. Equipping the Shovel brings disharmony into the formation. A similar effect has simply interacting with a lot of them, as they also appear startled, or standing in their way. The Ice Girl stands on a platform, seemingly overseeing the marching Snow Girls. Like the other Ice Girl, she does not flee from you.


  • Nexus > Snowy Streets
    • Crashed Bus Site - Extinguish all of the four fires and find the Snow Girl surrounded by nine fires
      • Crashed Bus - Enter the bus
    • Frozen Lake Area - Interact with the burning outdoors stove
      • Forest World - Go through the portal consisting of two trees
      • Deep Snow Path - Interact with the moving Ice Girl
      • Snow Girl Army - Interact with the unmoving Ice Girl