The area has lanterns and neon signs on buildings. There are cyborg-like people walking around the streets. Many doors are closed.

The Food prayer can be found here by walking to the arch with noren. If you have a rusty key (from the Underwater Ship), you can open another door that leads to the Industrial Maze and allows quick access to this location.

In the door with the image of an angel, there is a room with Miko at the counter and an arch, that can not be reached.


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Connecting Areas

  • The arch with the noren leads to the Kitchen.
  • The alley to the right side of the building where the restaurant is located leads to the Road in Sky.
  • The alley marked with an exclamation mark ("!") has a door that leads to a Path which connects to the Symbols area.
  • Going up the street from the sign with the angel and then turning left, there is a door that leads to a room called Room 1 where a group of NPCs are gathering in front of a TV screen.
  • The door in front of the angel sign leads to Miko's store.
  • The door to the right of the traffic cones leads to the Elevator Room.
  • The dead end alley with the lonely cyborg has the staircase to Borderland Corridor.


  • The music in this area is "SpiritTown".
  • You can speak with the hooded cyborg/spirits, but they won't say anything coherent.
  • It is unknown if they are cyborg or shadow spirits.