The Symbols Maze is a gigantic maze that connects several points of the Spirit World with eachother, acting as a hub.


It is modelled after Yume Nikki's Hell Maze, a popular area to emulate in fangames.

Symbols Maze Chimiko

Hey there buddy

True to source, this maze has enraged Chimiko roaming around, acting as chasers. If they are interacted with, they teleport Fluorette to enclosed spaces of assorted areas with the soundtrack slowed down to create an uncomfortable listening experience.

Unlike Yume Nikki's Toriningen, the Chimiko are very easy to avoid and have to be almost actively sought out.

Symbols Maze 2

Colour variation via switch

Another familiar sight is a ghostly figure of the protagonist. In this case, the see-through unmoving sprite takes the form of the Phantom Prayer. Unique is however that interaction with her changes the colour of the maze - the green scrolling background switches to red.

Floating, blue cubes transport you to areas in this maze, and out from it. There are two main paths that can not be crossed over to each other. If you are on one path and want to enter the other, you thus have to reenter it from another area.


Dark grey tiles with an ornate, square pattern vaguely resembling the symbol found all over the Spirit World cover the floor. Black walls form the maze, and in the background, a scrolling image of various symbols and letters flashes through the gaps between the walls and the tiles. Sometimes, both floor and walls are removed, making the background more apparent. These removed tiles are impassable similarly to the walls.


The floating cubes that teleport to this maze are often well hidden, and one has to enter from certain locations to access others leading out of the maze.

First PathEdit

The cube in the top left teleports from Spirit Town, the cube is found behind a hidden door in a back alley with exclamation point graffiti. Behind the door, a path with red flashing tiles opens up, with the blue cube at the end.

In the bottom right, the cube comes from the Underwater Ship. A door inside the ship leads to a simple path framed by bubbles, the cube is again found at the end of it.

Not far from it, a link is established to Beyond, an unfinished area that was likely intended to be expanded in future updates. Symbols Maze is the only way to get to this unfinished area.

In this path, it is also possible to activate the colour-changing switch.

Second PathEdit

The second path is accessed only from the Broken Clock Park, and going through it eventually leads to a hidden area in the game - the second section of the Playground.


  • As seen in the files of the game, the signs in the background spell out "Fluorette" two times and also feature several instances of the Four Ways Symbol found all over the Spirit World.